Hello! We are Lucas and Marybeth (most people call her Beezie). Recently, we both left the comfort of our apartment in the city of Oakland, California and said goodbye to rat races and corporate jobs for our shared dream to work and live on the road in a vintage 1969 Shasta trailer (named “Jonathan Trailer Thomas”).

Lucas was working in the Beverage Industry and made the change to freelance Graphic Designer over the last few years and Marybeth worked as a Funeral Director (Can we say DEAD end job?!). We roll with two badass boston terriers, Beebs and Franks, who basically run the show. You will probably will be seeing a lot of them on here.

We are both spontaneous travelers and adventurers and are drawn to places most people pass up accidentially, have never heard of, or never will go. We prefer traveling off the beaten path with a hint of old Americana and the scenic beauty and moods of urban decay and those hilarious roadside attractions (Worlds Largest Rubber-Band Ball, Casa Bonita, etc).

Marybeth takes note of the good rest stops and holds her breath every morning for a good cup of coffee to sip in the next mystery town or city. She is a sucker for anything having to do with people falling on their faces. She is known for happily singing the wrong lyrics to a song and never can quite get traditional phrases correct (Like: A lumpa Logs… meaning: “like a bump on a log” or “That’s the way the cookie scrambles…”). Ask her what OG stands for. She may tell you “Old Gangster”. You will find her scouting for bakeries and restaurants that are gluten free and vegetarian friendly and enjoying a plethora of romantic comedy films (Shit Flix).

Lucas loves the historical aspect of things along the road (The Old Shit!), photography, design, and music. He loves making mixed tapes/cds for each adventure to set the mood and pace. He often meets new people in new places and wants to find out who they are and demand to hear their favorite stories. Loves Iced coffee/lattes and a good hamburger shack (BURGER TIME!), swimming in lakes and rivers, and building the perfect campfire. Hates sharks (seriously, WTF!) , negativity, and people who say “I Can’t” before they even try. A man of witty puns, who makes up his own holidays (Sticky Bun Thursday), and tries to break world records that don’t exist yet (Most Lattes Drank In One Day).

Beebs has a bad attitude and is the poster child of unmedicated doggy Depression. We call her “The Ice Queen”. Franks is an orphan/rescue hobo that loves his new family and each day he is more energetic than the last. Both pups love camping and the open road.If only our vehicle ran on puppy farts… we’d have it made!

We hope to encourage people of all ages and walks of life that you don’t have to be rich to live out your dreams. Just fucking do it already would ya?! We are not trust funded, inheritance lucky, or lottery winners. Although if we were… Lucas has a life goal of evicting Johnny Depp from his own island. We both come from hard working class families, we have worked hard our whole entire lives and have lived paycheck to paycheck the whole time. We are proving that taking a chance to live out your dreams is the most free you can be. BOOM!

We hope you enjoy the adventures!!

Marybeth and Lucas



Say hello, exchange secret spots, tell us a joke (or two), give tips and suggestions, or just tell us how awesome we are. Either way, we promise to reply to you, unless you are plain bat-shit crazy. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Lucas & Marybeth

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